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Mai Thai Coffee Home

Our Coffee
Mai Thai Coffee is cultivated in the highlands of Northern Thailand. Ideal climate altitude and soil conditions as well as a meticulous picking and processing system attribute to the rich but mellow taste of Mai Thai Coffee...
How it All Began
A unique discovery: Several years ago we found coffee trees growing in the villages of Northern Thailand. The villagers didn’t know what to do with the coffee. We discovered that coffee had been introduced to the highland villages 40-50 years ago but no one developed a market for it. Further research helped us to realize that we live in a prime coffee growing region capable of producing high quality,specialty grade Arabica coffee.
From Seed to Cup
This short three minute video will show you the journey of our coffee beans. They start in our nurseries and are then transferred to farms where they are cultivated, harvested, processed, and then shipped to the US for roasting before being delivered to you as fresh roasted coffee beans.
Buy Our Coffee
Mai Thai Coffee is fresh roasted before we ship it to you. The coffee will stay fresh at least four months at room temperature. Keep that fresh roasted flavor for up to a year by freezing your coffee...