Meet One of the Children Sponsored by Mai Thai Coffee

Gamonchanok Has A Special Place In Our Hearts … 14 years ago we received an emergency call. A family in the mountains had a crisis. The father committed suicide by hanging himself in front of his wife and children.

Can You Help This Family? Of course, the answer was “YES!” Both children were brought into the children’s home. The mother was greatly relieved that her children would be cared for, but unfortunately, she experienced a total breakdown which left her severely mentally handicapped. We arranged for the mother to live nearby our children’s home facility so she could be close to her children.  

We Built A Home For This Widow … Our team pitched in and helped build a house for Gamonchanok’s mother. It was basic, but a palace to her. It was close enough that she could walk to our facility and visit her daughter.  

Gamonchanok Has A Scholarship and A Job … This young lady is sharp in mathematics and wants to study accounting. Our Abundant Life Foundation has agreed to fund her college education and provide her a job upon completion of her degree. She can be the staff accountant at the Mae La Noi Children’s Home facility. Her mother can live with her daughter and be cared for in her elder years.